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star wars Star Wars Mania!: Nick's Tribute

Welcome to my Star Wars home page!!!! You are Star Wars fan number (as many visitors as there are stars) to come here. I have Sounds in wav. format and pictures in gif. and jpg format,and now Midi's, I now also have movies in avi format. I have some codes and hints on some of the Star Wars Games, Prequel info,Trivia, and my own chat room, and much more. Chewie, Luke Skywalker, and Hans Solo all encourage you to come on in to this Star Wars page, AND CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE! But beware Darth Vader lurking amongst the shadows of the DARK SIDE. You can save the Universe. USE THE FORCE.

Hints and codes on Star Wars games
Star Wars Cursors for your Windows 95 Desktop
The Star Wars Prequels
Star Wars Trivia
Star Wars Themes
Star Wars Game Archive

The Star Wars movie is finally out, YES!!!! I urge all of you to go get tickets and see it. It kicks ass! Loads of new characters from the Trilogy, a definate must-see. STAR WARS STAR WARS!!!!!!!

For questions or comments or if there's some thing that you might like to see e-mail me: